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Never Give Up
Date: 09/06/06 16:42
A Tribute to Halo 2 has now been accepted at HBO. You can now dowload from their servers via the Halo 2 media section. If you have already downloaded this movie feel free to download it again. It's great to have two copies of the same thing on your hard drive.
Posted by: Ash TCP
Monsters in the Park
Date: 30/04/06 20:00
A new section, the media section, has now replaced the movies and pictures section. It has been divided into four parts: Halo 2 Machinima, Flash Animations, Real LIfe Videos and Pictures. All movies and pictures can now be found in the media section under their catergory. There is currently no content in the RLV section but a flash animation has been added to the FA section. It is Monsters in the Park, go have a look.
Posted by: Ash TCP
One small step for TCP
Date: 1/04/06 23:29
There is a new movie available for download in the movies section. It is Moon Landing and it is a recreation of mans first steps on the moon. Remember that you can still download Happy Go Lucky from the movies section as well.
Posted by: Ash TCP
All Systems Go
Date: 20/03/06 16:21
Today is the launch of this site and the release of our latest movie, A Tribute to Halo 2. 4 budding soldiers are sent on a 'secret' mission across familiar locales and scenarios in a tribute to Bungie's latest installment in the Halo series. It's 18:29 long and just under 53mbs, be sure to check it out in the movies section.
Posted by: Ash TCP

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